Live Session with John Fodera

Live Session with John Fodera

20/05/2020 News 0

During the month of May 2020 we actually had the opportunity to go live with some of our good friends, we made two lives in Italian and then we moved to English.

This time is the turn of John Fodera, the blogger at, with him we went live on Saturday May 9th and we spoke about Caprili and tasted the new vintages of Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino.

The live is still enjoyable here at this link or just down here:

Live with John Fodera

Enjoy this live and contribute to this with questions and everything. During the live we had lots of thoughts from people.

We are continuing our lives during the month of May, we had one on May 17th with Swirl The Glass an agency of tours on wineries around Amalfi Coast, then May 30th with Amanti Vino from NYC and one more planned in June with Eataly Flatiron!


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