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Matter of Taste 2023 – Zurich

“Matter of Taste” is a wine tasting event hosted by Robert Parker Wine Advocate, a leading wine criticism organization. The event features top-rated wines from around the world, along with expert opinions and insights from some of the most renowned wine critics and producers.”Matter of Taste” is a wine tasting event hosted by Robert Parker…
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26/02/2023 0

Harvest 2020 our report one month later!

The harvest 2020 is ended by a month so far and we want to share with you our thoughts. Here we have a 2 minutes video about the past harvest. We have just started the picking of olives! So don’t forget to have a look on our shop about olive oil in the next days!

20/10/2020 0

Live Session with John Fodera

During the month of May 2020 we actually had the opportunity to go live with some of our good friends, we made two lives in Italian and then we moved to English. This time is the turn of John Fodera, the blogger at, with him we went live on Saturday May 9th and we…
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20/05/2020 0

The new channel on Youtube

Caprili has started a digital revolution over the last three weeks, this pandemic era has given to us the opportunity to reset all our ways and we thought more on what about to do on our next steps. We firstly decided to go live with our friends and customers in order to show to all…
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