Production techniques

Only grapes cultivated from Caprili’s own vineyards are used in its wines.  The vines are trained with a spurred cordon system and sit at altitudes that range from 225 to 340 metres above sea level.  This location, southwest of the winery facing the sea, enjoys the mitigating action of the winds that prevents humid stagnation which can possibly cause fungal attacks on the vines.  Consequently, the only treatments used are copper or sulphur based.


The vinification follows its natural process avoiding the addition of yeasts or other exogenous correctors.  The use of natural yeasts, found in the grapes themselves, is favoured, giving the wine its own precise territorial identity that is easily recognizable and traceable.  But at the same time, its identity is never confirmed on the palate or in fragrance, instead it supports the mutability in the seasonal course of the vintage and expresses its own uniqueness.